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The HomeHow Process

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We’ve made it easier than ever before.

Applying for your Home needs has never been this easy. Here’s a brief description of our process and what you will experience. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

1. Discovery

Using one of our propriety tools, or a conversation with one of our mortgage advisors, we will gather the information needed to find you the best mortgage. The more detail, the better the result.

2. Document Request

Based on the information we gathered in the discovery phase, we will compile a list of documents we need to collect in order to get you approved. Using our unique Mortgage Finger Print process, we narrow this list down to essential documents. For your convenience, HomeHow can find these documents for you, or if you would like, you can send those documents yourself. Once we have all that information, we move to the next stage.

3. In-House Underwriting

We use your introductory forms and submitted documents to prepare your application with the goal of receiving approval from a lender. Before we submit to a lender, we analyze your information to find the best mortgage for your situation.

4. Letter Submission

After we have identified the best mortgage for your needs, we will submit the application under your behalf to the lender for their approval. It usually takes 4-6 hours to receive an answer back.

5. Conditional Approval & Documents

Once the lender approves the deal, they provide us with an offer sheet with the important details of the approval, and also a list of any additional documents they might want to see. We might have to order an appraisal on the property to confirm the value. It is now a back and forth with the lender until they are satisfied with the information they requested.

6. Final Approval & Signing

Once the deal is finally approved, the file is sent to your lawyer or a closing service to prepare the legal paperwork. You along with anyone else on the mortgage need to sign this paper work. Once signed, the lawyer will notify the lender that they are ready to release the funds and advance the mortgage. This is definitely the time to pop some celebratory champagne!

7. After Closing Support

Once the deal closed, HomeHow becomes your main contact for any additional questions or changes that you might have on your mortgage. We will stay in touch to keep you up-to-date with mortgage and real estate related news.

And Just Like That You’re Done!

What are you waiting for? Get started on the application you need today!

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